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Love Your Feet and Moisturize Daily!

Love Your Feet and Moisturize Daily!


We use our feet on a daily basis to walk, stand, run, and even tap when our favorite song comes on the radio. Have you ever thought that those same feet may need a little loving just like the rest of your body? So, let's discuss a few ways to love your feet a little more and how to properly moisturize.

  1. Wash Your Feet - In the shower, take time to wash your feet with soap and water. Don't forget to gently clean in between those toes.
  2. Use a Foot Paddle – While in the shower/bath, use a foot paddle to rub your heels and bottom of your feet to help remove dead, dry skin. Helps rid of those dry, cracked heels during sandal season. A foot paddle can be your best friend….trust us!
  3. Inspect and Dry Those Feet – When stepping out of the shower/bath, be sure to dry and inspect your feet thoroughly. Look for any rough, dry areas to moisturize. Gently dry the inside of your toes.
  4. Moisturize Those Feet – Moisturizing your feet is just as important as any other part of the body. Moisturizing helps to keep your feet healthy and lessens your chance of having dry cracked heels. IMPORTANT TIPDO NOT apply any type of moisturizer between the toes, unless directed by your doctor. The extra moisture sets up the environment for fungus and other bacteria to grow and thrive. Washing and drying between the toes is just enough in most cases. If you have excessive dry skin between the toes, see your primary care doctor or podiatrist.

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